About Lara
Looking back, it seems inevitable Lara would be called to design gardens.
As a child she explored the artistic and handmade home-life of her Sicilian grandparents, as well as the orderly plantings of a neighboring agriculture farm. This cultivated her discerning sensibility that organizes the natural world with form and structure.
By interpreting the rhythms of each landscape, Lara is a curator, situating the myriad components of a garden so that they cohere into a space of beauty.
Lara approaches her work as a painter would a blank canvas. Much of what is eventually installed started as a color palette based on lighting and topography. Many of the images included on this site are part of her process in determining shape, texture, color, format and above all else, light.
Lara’s portfolio portrays the elegance and scope of her vision for gardens that harmonize with light and landscape to complement the sophistication of her clients’ lifestyles.
Sidra Forman
September 2022
Garden designer, Lara Morabito’s daughter got married in their stunning family home.
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October 2019
A designer’s inspiration behind ‘Scoreboard Walk’ within Nats Park.
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August 2019
Space of the Week: A Tiny Upper Northwest Kitchen With Tons of Style.
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March 2016
Lara Morabito - Nationals Ballpark Garden Designer
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“A modest garden contains, for those who know how to look and to wait, more instruction than a library.”